Thursday, November 01, 2007


Images along the Marsh Brook Trail in the Margaree Valley, 21 Oct 2007

The bridge at the 6k rest area.
OK! Lets get going!
Ron Gabriel on his third Canadian Volksmarch! Where's the gausthaupp

Terry Crawley enjoying the tranquilty of a very special place along the brook.

A Trip To Ghost Beach

Here are some pictures of Rilla on the new section (just completed today Oct 31!) of the Trans-Canada Trail that leads to Ghost Beach. An appropriate day for the excursion!

Going where no wheelchair has gone before. With Jim and Yvonne heading to Ghost Beach.Rilla has crossed the bridge and is on Ghost!
Returning to the causeway.

Rilla & Jim McLean helped me to setup the walk event across the Causeway and to Ghost Beach during the 50th anniversary celebrations. Ghost Beach is located behind the Coast Guard complex at the Canso Causeway locks. However due to the terrain and her official duties at the ceremonies she was unable to complete the trip to the Ghost Beach Trail.

Some upgrading and a lot of hard work by the Trans-Canada Trail group from the Inverness area has resulted in Rilla being able to get to the trail. A wonderful accomplishment.

In Remembrance of Linda Harb

The President of The Central Nova Volkssport Club, Tanya McNutt has informed us that Linda Harb of their club passed away due to a massive stroke.

Linda Harb is on the right with her friend and roomate (from the Magdalen Islands) Bettie Spense (l). Photos is provided by another good friend Lynn Rawlinson. Linda had participated in several walks with the CBIH along with her husband Nash who predeceased her 2 years ago. Linda had been to our walk weekend this year in Baddeck and also in Louisbourg for all of our 10th anniversary events and many of you who had been in the Magdalens will remember her as well. Linda was also in Sydney paddling and racing one of the "dragon boats".