Tuesday, October 17, 2017

New Harris

                           New Harris-2 Trails                                       

   The Cape Breton Island Hoppers took part in a fabulous  Morning/Afternoon walk even on Sunday, October 15,2017. The event took place at the Johnson Family Farmland Trail as well as the Kelly's Mountain Trail.
   A big Thank-You to Norm & Janice Johnson for being our Hosts, as well as our walk Guides for the day.
    Also thanks to Martha Hood for our great pictures to add to our amazing memories of our walk adventures.
                                           Starting out...
                                                Lots of interesting shots
                                              Great turnout from our members
                                                  Look at those colors..amazing!
                                                              Fall at its best!!
                                              Seal Island Bridge in the distance
                                          Norm giving some of the area History
                                                         Amazing view!!
                                                 Everyone  enjoying the walks!
                                                                   Fall Foliage
                                                  Colors were so vibrant!!

                                                             Seal Island Bridge
                                                    Our group photo is a must!

                                       The remains of a foundation from  homes
                                    that were in this area many many years ago.


                                          Another Great day of walking,fun. food 
                                                                  & Friendship

Thursday, October 05, 2017

CB Island Hoppers take on the Sydney Harbour Hopper,Thursday, Oct,5,2017

A Big Thanks to Marg Kingsbury who took the initiative to organize the tour on the Sydney Harbour Hopper. What a great Outing as a group! Cant wait until our next adventure!
Thanks Marg!!

   All Aboard!! The Cape Breton Island Hoppers getting ready to board the Sydney Harbour Hopper
 Chatting prior to boarding, everyone is so happy we had a beautiful Fall Evening for our Adventure!
                                   Some serious conversations as we await to begin our Tour!
                                    Barb, Cal and Marg having fun before we even leave!!
                           Linda getting seated closer to the front, not as bouncy in that section!
                                               Ready to go!! Thumbs up from Marg!
                                       Norm & Janice and Rollie all set! Ribbet Ribbet!!
                                                 Donnie & Maurena awaiting take off!!
                                                             OK....Lets go already!
                 Rollie and Ann! So glad we had so many smiling faces to take part this fine fall evening!
                                  Some of the fine artwork throughout Downtown Sydney
                                  Time for the water tour, sun setting, gorgeous evening!
                         Amazing scenery! We are so lucky to this beautiful area our home!
                Looking over to Westmount as we tour Sydney Harbour...ohh so beautiful!!
                                                        Sydney Boardwalk
                                    You get a whole different perspective from the water!
                                The Iconic Filldle at the Joan Harris Cruise Pavilillion
       The waterfront shops that open for Tourists and locals alike during the summer/fall period
          Our beautiful city as seen from the Sydney Harbour Hopper-Thanks for the great tour!!

Presidents Walk October 1,2017

Photos submitted by Martha Hood

           Beautiful Fall Day for our 4th Annual Presidents Walk, Sunday October 1,2017
                              Walkers ready at the starting point; 9 MacKinnon Ave, Coxheath
       Starting with a Welcome and news on upcoming events by our President; Cal Thistle
                                            Lucy, Carmel and Judy...on the home stretch
               Let's get this party started!!  Fun, Fitness, Friends and Food- always a great combination.
 A very important presentation by our President, Cal Thistle to Marg Kingsbury on completion of her                         First Marathon, held in Truro in September, 2017! Congrats Marg!!
                                             This says it all.... Happy Anniversary to us!!