Thursday, June 23, 2011


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The Island Hoppers on the West Mabou Trails June 12, 2011.
The walk was to begin on Beach Road off Collindale Road however there is  road construction taken place here throughout the rest of the summer. Local walker/hiker Nadine Hunt saved the day by offering to lead us on other trails located in this NS Provincial Park. Nadine is part of the local association who convinced Nova Scotia to turn this area into a park instead of another golf course. Natural Resources NS along with the local trails group are now working on clearing trails and fixing roads in the area.
The weather and the trail system was almost perfect with great views of the Mabou Harbour and lighthouse.
Here are some photos from the day of hiking in the West Mabou Trail complex:
DSCF2356 DSCF2357
Above: President Joe MacKinnon welcomes the group to West Mabou
DSCF2358 DSCF2359
Above: Cal Thistle surveys the boat found along the shore &
Carmel Coffin, Maureen and Don McKenzie take a break with Kathi Rice and Dianna McDonald looking on.

DSCF2361 DSCF2362
Above is a natural oyster bed with the lighthouse across the harbour.
The group take another break while looking at the scenery; our new walk leader (center) Nadine Hunt.

Vonnie King & Elsie Buck
What's in the bottle ladies?  

                      Some rare flowers among the flora
DSCF2366 DSCF2367
Pink Slippers? white?