Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Trek Into Money Point

The following photos were submitted by Cal Thistle:

The View from our Start Point,2K from Bay Road Valley.
The view overlooks Bay St Lawerence and to the left is a portion of Meat Cove.

After 6k we reach the top of the trail into Money Point about another 2k to the lighthouse.

Along the Coastal Trail towards Money Point and a glimpse of the lighthouse.

Heading Backup the mountain we take one of many Breaks!!
(L to R) Standing up is Ann Coombes and Wendy Snook, sitting conserving energy is Barb Thistle with Cal Thistle behind the lens of the camera.

More views of our hike to and from Money Point.

In the photo above you can see St Paul's Island and I am told it is the most northerly point of Nova Scotia while we were at the most northerly point of Cape Breton. Thats Bill Hopkins making his way down the trail to the coastal plain below.

Why our Cape Breton is considered one of the most scenic Islands in the world.
For a larger view click on any of the photos above.