Saturday, August 25, 2007


To appreciate the magnitude of the following photos especially around any of the coastline and beaches click on the image to zoom in for a closer shot and views that you cannot appreciate unless you visit these wonderful little islands on your own. This is an outdoors adventurers paradise, kayaking, boating, sailing,walking, hiking, biking and great food.

A six hour ferry ride to the Magdalen Islands and the first Island is Entry Island or Isle d'Entree, this is the only inhabitated island that is not connected to the remainder of the islands by bridges or sandbars. This small island makes up 5% of the english speaking inhabitants of the Magdalens.

Above is the hotel and pathways to the beach, this where the second bus and where all of the 21 CBIH members stayed.

The SP of the first walk on Tuesday morning on Ile du Cap-aux-Meules.

Below is a carving of fisherman at work and in the next photo the fisher is cutting up some fresh mackerel for his own use.Below:Part of our first 10k walk was a walkabout on the wharves.

What looks like a ship or barge just above the break water is really a part of the rocks and coastline that has been sculpted by local artisans. Click on the same images at the top of this page for a closer view.

There were many statues and crosses overlooking the sea.

A collage of Images along the various trails and roadways of the islands