Monday, May 04, 2009


The Ceilidh Trails stretches along the west coast of Cape Breton Island parallel to Highway 19.

These are photos taken Friday 01 May 2009. This is a pre-check of the Start Point/the trail for the 42 Km Marathon and the venue that will host our evening dinner event after the walk.

DSCF1374 DSCF1375

The Start Point 1.4 Km's on the left (west) of Highway 19 from "Downtown Troy"


The new hall at Judique that will host our evening dinner. Our Special Thanks to Clare MacNeil who was able to arrange the hall for us.

DSCF1368 DSCF1367 DSCF1369 The Community of Judique.

DSCF1373 DSCF1370

Joe and Elsie point out the trail to Clare and Ann, this is a short 250m trail going into Judique, this is the midway point for the event.

To the right is the typical path that the walkers will be traveling on along the Ceilidh Trail, this is the bridge located across OG Brook. The sign says "Don't drink the Water".

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