Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gooseberry Cove/ Wild Cove 26 July 2009

The Gooseberry and Wild Cove Walk Event in Little Lorraine along the coastline north east of Fortress Louisbourg on 26 July, 2009

Breaking News Event: Unusual Sunny Weather occurred on this day, with Very little "FOG", but of course it wouldn't be the Louisbourg coastline if there were not some foggy weather as seen in some of the photographs submitted on today's site: 


What's the Postal Code for this Start Point?

Getting ready at the Start Point, there's no mall parking here!


  A view of the coast at Wild Cove         DSCF1545


DSCF1546First of many adventures along the coastal trail



A walking adventure through the mist and fog.  DSCF1548 



 DSCF1549 DSCF1550 

The group making its way along the Rocky Cliffs of Gooseberry Cove heading towards the Village of Lorraine


DSCF1552 DSCF1553

WOW!This may be the reason the area is called Wild Cove, the view is from the top of a hill or Crag.

DSCF1555  Only a short adventure and climb to the top.

DSCF1556 DSCF1557

A happy bunch of Island Hoppers at the top of the hill and the 5k turn around point.


DSCF1558 DSCF1561

President Joe ready to quench his thirst.          Rollie enjoys a break



DSCF1562        More scenes                DSCF1564

The natural rugged an awesome coastline where the ocean cuts through the rocks



Some of the ladies enjoy a break, facing the camera is Ann Coombes, Lucy Nardini, Shirley Pettigrew 


Joe MacKinnon, Maureen McKenzie,Yolanda Dintino, Phyllis MacLeod

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