Sunday, July 26, 2015


The SP at North River Provincial Park

The first trail from the parking lot and hill before getting to the main North River Trail

The group of Island Hoppers to make it to the top
 The bridge across the largest stream and ravine is out and we have to navigate down the ravine and across the brook. This area is fairly steep and the rocks and trail are slippery! Note the moss on the boulders! This is the hardest part of the trail if not going to the "Big Falls" on the North River.
Janice and Norm try out the log bridge on our first major obstaclen

Helping each other across the brook. Using the rocks as stepping stones proved to be a little bit of a challenge.

Karen decides to try the log instead!
 We finally make it to the McLean Salmon Pools:
Janice takes in the views along the North River and the McLean Salmon Pools area.

Members of CBIH get to enjoy the amazing North River at our turn around point.

We encounter many windfalls as we approach the last few meters going into the salmon pools

A short stop near the former McLean Farm area.

A more delightful part of this unique and amazing wilderness trail

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