Friday, April 29, 2016


The Atlantic Directors Meeting.

First walk of the weekend activities:

Cambridge Suites, 380 Esplanade, Sydney B1P 1B1
Sydney Permanent Trail (Baille Ard Trail)
Guided Walk Friday 29 April 2016
Registration 3:30pm
Walk Starts 4:00pm
Walk Leaders Maurena and Don MacKenzie

Cal Thistle welcoming our visitors to the Sydney Permanent Trail

The participants are anxious to get going on our 10k walk

One of the many bridges within the Baille Ard Nature Trail

We make it to the "Big Fiddle" and only one Km remaining before the end of the trail.

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Shirley MacPhail said...

What an awesome group and inspiration !!!!! Thank you for getting our minds and bodies motivated to get out and just WALK !!!! Shirley MacPhail, sister of Dianna MacDonald