Friday, December 01, 2017

Walk Event: Sunday November 26,2017

Our group took part in another incredible walking event on Sunday, November 26,2017. We walked 5/10km along the streets of Whitney Pier and the Whitney Pier Heritage Trail. The weather cleared just in time for walkers to enjoy the history of this area under the guidance of Walk Leader; Julie Dzaich.
We are now into December and we will be winding down but by no means will we be hibernating. We are hoping to get some snowshoe events in during the next few months.  We also have our Christmas Lights Walk  to look forward to on Sunday, December 10,2017. Stay tuned for more information.
Reading up on some of the history of Whitney Pier

Everyone just about ready and the weather has cleared!

Look at the smiles as folks prepare to head out!

We are off.....

Random Beauty 

The Melting Pot Monument  with 27 Flags representing 27 nations people left to come to Whitney Pier

Folks preparing for the Holiday Season

Up we go.....

View of Sydney Harbour

Information on the Trail

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St. Mary's Polish Church

Holy Ghost Ukrainian Church

Turned out to be a great decorating day

The Mural painted by Keith Baldwin in 2015 to commemorate the Sydney Steel Plant

Our Walk Leader Julie Dzaich...Thanks for the walk through this historic area!

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