Friday, November 03, 2017

Summit Recreation Trail-October 29,2017

On Sunday, October 29,2017  The Cape Breton Island Hoppers had yet another fine Fall Day to take part in a 5 or 10 KM walk along the Summit Recreation Trail, New Victoria.
Our Walk Leader for the day's event was Cheryl MacKinnon. A big Thank-You to Cheryl for for her knowledge and expertise on this area. Because it was a day that was open to Hunters, Cheryl made the choice to walk along the Railway Tracks, thus avoiding the wooded areas. Walkers were asked to wear Hunter's Orange if at all possible. We appreciate the precautions that Cheryl took to ensure our Groups safety.

You will see the Newest Member of our Group in a photo, Flat Alex. Flat Alex has traveled all the way from a Grade 2 class in Alberta and is learning about Nova Scotia. Flat Alex was introduced to our Group and welcomed by all! Correspondence is sent to the teacher in Alberta including pictures etc and the information is shared with classmates. Most of us are familiar with the book; Flat Stanley; The Intrepid Canadian Expedition by Jeff Brown. 

Enjoy the great pictures here and a huge shout-out to Martha Hood for a big part of the submissions and also to Julie Dzaich for some of the group shots! Keep those cameras clicking folks, we cant put a price tag on the memories we are creating.
       Fine looking group...who would believe short sleeves at the end of October!
                                                             All Smiles!!
                                        Making our way on this beauty of a day! 
                                          Chatting prior to hitting the Trail!
                                         Cheryl telling us about the area...

                            Taking a little break, enjoy some stories of the area!
                                                Look at those colors!!
                                                Dodging the puddles...LOL
                                            Chatting and having a break!
                                    More puddles.... we can always manage!
                                           Beautiful area....the entrance! 
                                                Friends, Fitness and fun....
Flat Alex..all the way from Alberta!

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