Monday, November 13, 2017

Uisge Ban Falls-November 12,2017

On Sunday, November 12,2017 approximately 20+ of our CBIH Group participated in a fabulous Fall Walk into Uisge Ban Falls. Due to Flooding and storms there has been changes to this favorite trail and this meant that our group was unable to complete the River Trail because there are bridges out and this section of the trail is not accessible. Despite this we still enjoyed the hike into the falls and upon return to the Trail Head we continued our walk along the road that leads in/out of  the Park. The weather was cooperative and a the scenery was breathtaking.

* Please note that our Honorary CBIH Member; Flat Alex  joined us again on his very first venture into Uisge Ban Falls. Flat Alex is joining us from a Grade 2 Class in Alberta and is learning about Nova Scotia. What better way than to join our group  as we explore our beautiful Island.

Photo Credit: Martha Hood  & Phyllis MacLeod( only a few....LOL)

At the trail head, the River Trail is not available due to bridges out!

Everyone starting to gather....

Diane M. Na Lucy catching up!
A few Trail Tips before we start!
Flat Alex joins us once again all the way from Alberta
And we're off.....................

Just some of the damage along the trail

Everyone making their way along the trail

Downfalls and alternate routes but we  are making it!

Fast moving waters

No matter what season, this Trail is still a favorite

Taking it all in as we approach the Falls

The final bridge , we are close!

Interesting tree

Mud and leaves can be an interesting combo.

Stop to say hi!

Ice on the Mountain

Breathtaking...stop and enjoy!!

Listen to the roar of the falls

Friends on a bridge!

Having a break at the Falls

Everyone chatting and exploring before we head back.

Jack & Mary enjoying this photo opportunity.

Folks going in for a better look!

We made it!! Two thumbs up from Marg!!
Maurena watching her step as we begin to make our way out. The leaves can be slippery!
Time to move on Folks..follow Don!

Mary enjoying day!

Flat Alex made it right to the Falls.

The rush of the water on this fall day!
The  CBIH on the return

We completed our day with the last few KM's on the roadway

An Old Farm along the way

We're done...another fabulous day with the CBIH

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